Since 1 January 1866 r.

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Meteo in Lublin


We and our hobby

Students like to take part in sport activities during both the school terms and the holiday.

Many students take part in different competitions on the urban, provincial and nationwide level with very good results.

The school teaching staff is excellent and good natured for children. Friendly atmosphere in our school is conducive to learning and playing.

In the library students can find everything what they are interested in. They can also read magazines and use the Internet.

Students enjoy after-school activities in different clubs:

European Club „EURO 30”

Artistic Club




145-year-old PRIMARY SCHOOL Nō 30 in LUBLIN


 The school promoting health


Certificate of Students–Friendly School


- very interesting activities in well equipped classrooms,
- swimming activities in our swimming pool,
- IT lessons in modern Internet studies,
- many interesting books in the school library,
- interesting meetings, trips, competitions,
- an exchange with schools in Germany and Ukraine.


 the possibility of developing students’ interests in after-school clubs:
- sports clubs in 6 sections: football, basketball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, gymnastics,
- kayaking club,
 - animal club,
- European club,
- theme clubs (Polish, English, Historical, Mathematical, Artistic, Musical, Drama, IT, Ecological, Origami).

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Our school

Although our school is a modern building it has got very long 140-year-old tradition.

The school is located in a beautiful housing estate near Zemborzycki Lake

We have got 3 well-equipped gymnasiums, a swimming pool and a pitch with the artificial grass.


Students learn foreign languages (English and German) in small groups.

Students may work in two modern com-puter studies.

Younger students spend their free time in a common-room and there they can play, learn and create their imagination.


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